Buzzard's Roost - Scott & Ange Mirer

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Recent Photos:   We visited the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco in July 2014, and caught many faces from various carvings, textiles, etc.

Our second bicycle tour, this one in New Zealand, March 2011.

Ange got her first taste of Asia, and Scott got to use his fledgling Japanese language skills, when we visited Japan in March/April 2009.

Visiting Vienna was inevitable, and seeing the Czech and Austrian countryside by bicycle was magic. Our 2007 Austria and Czech pictures show how much fun we had.

Ange and Scott traveled to Portugal, April 2006. It was an excellent vacation, and there are lots and lots and lots of pictures to prove it.

Trip to New York City, 2005 featuring a visit to Cristo and Jeanne-Claude's The Gates.